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Recent Additions

snek by Zewel
1443 views, 4 favorites, 1 comment
slitherin in yr garden catchin me a mouse
slugger 2 by Zewel
1746 views, 7 favorites, 0 comments
this was supposed to be a city scene, where you'd see other anonymous victims getting TF'd in the background, but i liked the tf so much in isolation i decided to keep it the main focus (if you squint really hard you can still see someone turning into a moth in the upper left!) i hope you like slug-related tf content because wowo do i have a surprising, unintentional amount of it on my PC atm!!
slugger 1 by Zewel
843 views, 6 favorites, 4 comments
heya transfur!! long time fan, first time poster lemme hit you with a classic favorite of mine. i'm feeling a little sluggish today. if you know what i mean. and i think you do. because i mean i am turning into a giant slug. get it? that's the j (before anyone calls it out: i drew too many tentacles on their face. i know, and i am ashamed)
Fox to Car - COMM by Ametf
1595 views, 7 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for JamieFox
Not just a goat by Manto
2372 views, 30 favorites, 2 comments
less fur, more muscle
We can't all be swans... by Wildkatt
2325 views, 49 favorites, 4 comments
Leah had worked hard all summer at dance camp but try as she might she could never get the moves as gracefully as the other dancers - who rarely eased up their teasing of her about it. After weeks of lessons and trying to prepare for the final recital her instructor asked her to say after class for some one-on-one training. As Leah danced with all her might he called out "Like a beautiful swan, darling! Spread your wings!" but the instructors encouragement did nothing for Leah's raw emotions...
NOW, who's a good boy?! by Wildkatt
2280 views, 21 favorites, 2 comments
Luke was a serial flirt and it drove his girlfriend Jenna crazy. Even though Jenna was pretty sure he had never actually cheated on her she wanted to be the centre of his attention. His world. Sure, there are lots of ways to attract a guys attention, however a magic collar is a very quick fix for a jealous girl-friend. So after a dinner date gone amuck, where Jenna watched Luke's eyes wander all night she asked him back to her place for a drink. While he was helping himself to a beer in the ...
Maybe you shouldn't annoy your sister...anymore. by Wildkatt
1891 views, 24 favorites, 2 comments
Sarah has been away at bording school. Now that she is home for spring break She was looking forward to a night out with her friends but her parents made her stay in and babysit her younger brother, Tommy. Something about the constant, excited chatter from the boy and Nerf gun darts flying everywhere made her loose her cool. Once his transition is completed, and it is progressing steadily, she can at least get a quiet night at home. That is until her parents get home and demand that she turn...
[Patreon]-Wolfy Lady by Fringedog
2491 views, 30 favorites, 0 comments
Toned Paper Ink patreon commission for one of my two anonymous patrons. With this one I was given full freedom with the subject.
[Patreon]-Draconic Idol-Kobold Servant by Fringedog
4 images, 3964 views, 52 favorites, 2 comments
Toned Paper Inks patreon commission for Jack. This one is still ongoing and likely to be continued with another image next month.