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Recent Additions

Sonix Fox by PickleJuice
18 images, 21189 views, 38 favorites, 9 comments
TF NOTE: The TF happens between pages 7 and 8, and there may be many more TFs in the future. Sonix Fox is a story I wrote and sketched years ago. It illustrates why there's so many transformations happening in my universe, AND it explains who is doing it. It's my attempt at a "serious" superhero type comic with real people and real emotions. And foxes. Can't forget the foxes.
Kramped Conditions by Hukeng
1945 views, 21 favorites, 0 comments
Featuring everyone´s favourite festive goat demon monster thing! Apparently, this year´s punishment for being particularly naughty is more than just a little unusual...
[Patreon] - Troodon Turkey TF by Inkblot
1605 views, 7 favorites, 1 comment
patreon commission for Troodon (
Sinking Ship by Virmir
7321 views, 42 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Talcott and Arro!
Haunted: Black and White Tf by Kuzim
5666 views, 49 favorites, 4 comments
An image that was supposed to be in time for Halloween (look how that turned out), but that lost out I needed to focus on my university work first. The Concept is thus: a couple dress for a costume party- the theme being "black and white", but encounter a strange mist on the way....
Scooby Doorknocker by Ametf
4901 views, 10 favorites, 3 comments
Part TF, part entrapment pic. For Komari_Azuul
Dealing with Boardom by Ametf
3733 views, 21 favorites, 0 comments
Coyote to Boar, for serling
Coyote to Rooster by Ametf
2225 views, 16 favorites, 0 comments
For serling
Mimiga to Centipede by Ametf
2123 views, 9 favorites, 0 comments
For Erakir
Conversion Magic by Hukeng
3114 views, 27 favorites, 0 comments
Most metamorphic sorceries are notoriously demanding and complex - even the slightest miscalculation can lead to some rather unexpected results... My entry for a contest.