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Pizza Raptor by Hukeng
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Delivery in under 30 minutes or it´s free!
Patreon Sneak Peak - Pregnant Unicorn Tf Tg by tfancred
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If you do want to see more of my stuff, you can become my patron at ! For as low as two bucks per month, you'll see two images like this per week and for 5 dollars, you'll also have access to my Sequence Friday that have an ongoing sequence! I really need your help to continue produce that many pics! (8 (2$ patrons) to 12 (5 dollars patrons) pics per month MINIMUM!) Sometimes, I post extra stuff, like colored version. Those are still rare, but I will do my best to make more ...
Sumatran Striped Rabbit by PickleJuice
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So this was going to be part of a transformation story in which I slowly transformed into a rabbit over the course of a month. But, I discarded that story and changed it to a wolf.
CRISPR 3:Out For The Night (this time its not controversial) by KrazyIvan
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CRSPR Dynamics latest and largely untested product has a undesired effect. Bitch be ODin'
Calling in Today (Coyote TF) by Gryphius
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TFW when you're trying to get ready for work and find yourself permanently transforming into a coyote... but you realize it means you won't have to go to work anymore so you're happy with the situation.
Dragon-Fire Curry by BeingObscene
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Try Dragon-Fire(TM) Curry today! Commission for Z-ray
Curse of the Totem pokemon by Danwolf
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ALWAYS defeat the totem pokemon before you're taking the crystal. Stealing might get trainers in trouble >:3 They might become the new Totem pokes...Muhahaha ! Comission for SiGe
Tiger gooTF by Kaju
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Request with Twitter
Jurassic World by Taitora
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I finally have some free time to see a movie. "Why are the people around me screaming? Hey I'm watching a movie here. Could you quiet down please?"
The Forbidden Treat - Dog TF by Dondedun
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Dog treats are meant for dogs.